Why the Guru Experiment?

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Guru’s are everywhere.

They tell us what to think, drink, eat and wear. They tell us about time management, fiscal prudence; you need help with something? There’ll be a Guru for it.

Yet are they really telling the truth? And I mean truth with a capital T.

If I do X, religiously as stated, will Y happen?

This is the question I want answering.

I don’t believe in quick fixes unless it is a medical emergency.

Changing your life takes longer than 5 minutes. We are creatures of habit, we like our comfortable uncomfortable zones, and we often have to be coaxed out of them like frightened kittens.

scared kitten
frightened kitten

Well I’m fed up of being a frightened kitten. I want to be brave, I want to develop my courage, and I want the Guru’s to show me the way.

I basically want to change my life.


It started with these questions:

I wonder if this can change, be different?

Can I be like him/her?

Can I have/be/do that?

This is where It started from, and this is what this blog is about; the journey to bravery and courage and to a better life, with the Guru’s/though leaders as guides, but certainly not as reverential Gods.


If we are to change, we need to see the way ahead, at the very least the first few steps, and that’s where the Guru’s come in for me.

As signposts and illuminators.

They point the general direction, give advice, and say yes, this is possible.

I then follow and see if it works.

So far some of the advice it has been true, some of it has been simply stepping stone advice, some of it has been downright wrong.

Yet I have moved forward, and every day I get a little more brave.

My journey is divided into four distinct areas, see ‘how to use this blog’ for more information on that, but I hope this blog and the Guru’s mentioned can be signposts for you too, whatever your journey.

What this blog is NOT.

This blog is not for those that are seriously into new age stuff. Yes I have dabbled along the way, but I want results. I don’t want caftans and tepees and crystal in my bra. I like to be warm, to be dry and have hairdryers. Only seeing the positive is only seeing half the story. I want the whole thing.

This blog is not for those who are seriously into the esoteric side to life. Yes there is spirituality here, but nothing that will have you dancing naked and chanting other languages on the promise of an angelic intervention.

If I am to put in the hard work, and often this journey is, I want concrete results.

This blog  is about is my experiences following the Guru’s advice, hence the name ‘The Guru Experiment’. Trying it all out to see if it is true and if it works. I very much hope you will join me on my journey.