When did this self help obsession start?

Probably around 20 odd years ago when I started to look into Buddhism. Bit of a cliché really, but that is where my obsession with self help started.

I wanted to stop feeling miserable all the time, and I thought if I could become like the Dalia Lama, then bingo, job done.

Turns out you have to mediate for lifetimes to be like him, and as far as I know, I only have this one.


Scroll forward 20 years, and where exactly am I on this journey?

This is the focus of this blog.

To write about as many of the books I have read, the courses I have attended, including Tony Robbins and a few other famous ‘Guru’s, and to tell you what I got out of them.

I dare not think about the amount of money I have spent, nor the harm that undoubtedly some of this has done to me, because lets face it, too much navel gazing can’t be a good thing.  Plus, much of it is aimed at the Go!Go! Go! crowd, and if that isn’t your energy type…. (more on that in a later blog), then it can turn things sour.

Yet in the main, these self help books and Guru’s do help, sure, many are on an ego trip, some have simply found that selling self help/self improvement is easy money, a few have even gone to jail for it.

But with 20 plus years of  plodding through these Guru experiences and experiments, I feel that I’m getting to the bottom of all this, and have plenty to pass on to you.

Here are just a couple of things I have learnt:

One: you have to do the work – if there are exercises in the book/programme, you need to do them.

Two : you need to turn the mirror to face yourself, because this is where the gold is, it is not in the Guru.

The plan is to write this in maybe  some sort of chorological order, starting with Tony Robbins. I was loaned a huge CD box set of his, plus I went on a financial course of his. It was over 10 years ago now, so my memory is a tad sketchy, but I can remember enough for a post.

So come on this journey with me , as I   write out what I got from it,  show myself just how far I have come, and for you, it might show you what to go for, or what to avoid like the plague.