Make friends with your inner saboteur and get past procrastination.

Are you feeling stuck?

You’re not moving forward, you’re fed up, don’t know what to do with yourself and you’d rather clean the oven than do that ‘thing’ you say you want to do.

If this sounds familiar, it could be your inner saboteur.


As I’m writing this I’m feeling scared. And that means I’ve been doing everything apart from what I should be doing.

I’m avoiding the ‘should’ like the plague.

Even though I want to do the should, there is a part of me that doesn’t want the should.

And that part is winning.

Like Olympic gold medal winning.


I know it, it knows it, and not much is shifting it. So I thought I’d write about it, because by outing it, exposing it to the cold light of day, I might be able to shift it.

But it’s taken me all day to get to the point where I can even sit down and write.

Why? because I’m scared it will all blow up in my face.


Why do we do this to ourselves? As in stop ourselves reaching forward?


Fear of being outed as a jerk.


According to the Guru’s, this fear/procrastination is a flag marking treasure below.


I know it feels anything but treasure, it feels as if I can’t be arsed, don’t want to etc.

But the real reason? If I do this, I’m going to die a shameful death.

Yup, the death of not succeeding, the death of not being good enough, the death by internet troll.




This fear/procrastination of the ‘should’ is the exact thing that  needs to be  done in order to get through the fear.


But I’m not doing it.

No way.

I’m faffing about labelling files, cleaning out drawers, reading a ton of stuff about how I can move forward, (not too dissimilar to this post really), but I’m not doing the work.


How to overcome it then?

Take baby steps they say.

OK, I can do that.


So I’m writing about it, I’m spilling the beans, telling all about how I’m stuck. I’ve written this short post.

I’ve taken action through the fear.

And I do feel better.


This information about baby steps is everywhere, it is so obvious, so simple, yet when we are in the fog of stuckness, sometimes even a baby step it too much.


One of my favourite movies is ‘Contact’ staring Jodie Foster. ( Don’t judge me, we all have crappy movies we love)

It has the line, “small moves Ellie, small moves.” Where Jodie’s Dad is encouraging her to take one step at a time to achieve her goal.

Small moves like compounded interest gradually add up.


Today I’ve made a small move, I have written this, but maybe only small moves for today.

And that’s OK until I break through the stuckness and the fear and get myself through it.


But what if you can’t even get to the point of taking that first step?

Then I am going to suggest you curl up and watch a video.

That’s right. Do nothing but watch a video.

Watch this one of Margaret Lynch.

Her video about the inner saboteur could be for you.

It’s powerful and may bring up a few issues for you, but trust me, this works.

This woman knows her stuff.

I watched  this video after I wrote the draft for this post. The result? I’ve spent a further 2 hours enjoying the ‘should’.

This video is saved on a play list for me for exactly those times when my inner saboteur is winning, and I’m not.

September 14, 2017