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The Guru Experiment blog can be viewed as both a journey, and a ‘how to guide’ for courage.

This entire blog is basically about me becoming courageous in areas that matter to me, yet I deeply trust that courage can be learnt and applied to anything by anyone.

The posts can be read as a journey and as a guide as I will be explaining what I’m doing, what advice I’m implementing and where I got it from.


There are four areas in which I want to grow my courage, and these are:

Fear, Money, Boundaries and Body



I want to be fearless in pursuit of that which I love and desire, I want to embrace finance and not feel scared around the topic of money.

We are all scared, probably more than we care to admit. Main stream media runs off our fear, and our fear keeps us trapped. My goal is to break free from that.

‘Feel the fear and do it anyway?’

Far easier to say than to do. Overcoming fear takes courage and work.



It’s not the root of all evil, it can bestow incredible experiences, help many people, and pay the bills.

Money for me means choices.

I still have much fear around finances. I want to grow my finances and will be looking at money from ALL angles, including the more esoteric.  I firmly believe that all women need their own income in this day and age to maintain their independence and choices.



They are in everything and affect everything. Mine have been broken for most of my life. I’ve let people walk all over me and said yes when my entire body was screaming NO!

Beefing up the boundaries is a must because change pisses people off, and they are going to push back.

(Plus, Narcissist and toxic people hate boundaries. Boundaries are their Kryptonite and vital for the rest of us to keep them away.)



I am a woman staring the menopause in the face. This takes courage.

My body has been through the ringer. It absorbed all the bullshit and crap from life and now needs some serious TLC as it hurtles towards menopause.

I will be heavily relying upon the gorgeous Crone’s that have made it through to the other side to shine the way for me.


Each topic will have information relevant to it with a separate reading page, linking to books and Guru’s/though leaders that I have read.

As Einstein said, we have to change our understanding and level of consciousness in order to change our lives.

And that takes courage.